Septic Tank Cleaning and Emptying

We offer a professional Septic Tank Cleaning and Emptying service including soakaway repair and maintenance for customers in the residential sector. Our aim is to provide customers with a fast, affordable Septic Tank Cleaning and Emptying service. With years of experience of cleaning and emptying septic tanks, and soakaway systems, our team of specialist engineers utilise the latest technology for cleaning and inspecting each tank.

The EPA recommends to de-sludge a septic tank at least once a year but this varies with the system’s capacity and use. You must de-sludge the septic tank if scum is present in the second chamber or if the sludge comes up to about 400mm from the bottom of the tank. A minimum of 75mm of sludge should remain in the tank to assist in the reseeding of the new sludge.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure that the septic tank operates effectively and that solids do not enter the percolation area and clog the distribution pipe work. The Waste Collection Permit Regulations came into force in 2001. Anybody, other than a local authority, who collects waste for the purposes of profit or reward, is required by law to hold a Waste Collection Permit. The WCP must specify the waste type, corresponding EWC code (Septic Tank Waste = 200304) and be disposed of at a licenced waste water treatment plant.

We operate a versatile, modern and efficient fleet of vacuum tankers ranging from 4500 – 33000 litres in size to meet customer needs. This ensures we have the perfect solution for our clients no matter liquid type of site access. As an ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and RHOL registered haulier you can be confident that your products are safe in our care.


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