Terms and Conditions for Domestic Customers

  • It is our intention that all the terms of the agreement between us (including details of the services and any goods
    or materials we are to provide) are contained in this document and any quotation or estimate given by us to you.
    If you do not accept any of the provisions included in these Terms and Conditions, please let us know so that if
    agreed your changes can be included.
  • Quotations and estimates given by us are valid for 28 days from the date they are given. However, we may
    withdraw any quotation or estimate at any time before it is accepted by you.
  • The price payable by you is the price stated as the Total; or where no price is stated, our current standard price
    for the services provided. Where no sum is included in respect of VAT the price stated overleaf shall be exclusive
    of VAT. We may increase the price payable by you to cover any increase in our costs in providing the services,
    goods, and materials. We will inform you in writing of any price increase made after which case you may cancel
    the agreement between us if you do not accept the new price.
  • We shall invoice you for the work undertaken and any goods and materials supplied immediately after the work
    is done and/or the goods and materials are supplied and the Total Due on the invoice shall be payable by you
  • You must pay us interest on the outstanding amount at a rate of 2% per month or part of a month and this rate
    shall apply both before and after the issue of any legal proceedings we may take against you to recover any
    unpaid amount. You must pay us an administration charge of €25.00 in respect of each dishonoured cheque you
    give us.
  • Any date or dates included in our estimate or quote are estimated dates only and we shall not be in breach of
    this agreement for failing to start or finish work by any date given in our estimate or quote.
  • When we have completed the work and/or supplied goods and materials we shall invite you to inspect the work
    and/or the goods and materials and shall ask you to sign the docket indicating receipt of the goods and materials
    and that the work has been done. Your signature on the docket will constitute acceptance of any work done or
    goods, and/or materials supplied.
  • We shall not be liable and accept no responsibility for unavoidable damage caused, or any unforeseeable loss you
    may suffer because of the work carried out, nor shall we be liable for any loss of any nature which is not caused
    by our negligence or our breach of the terms of the agreement between us.
  • You must let us know of anything which you believe may present a hazard or danger to any person carrying out
    work before such work is started. You must also make sure that we have clear access to any relevant drains and
    covers and provide us with a supply of mains electricity and water. If we incur additional work or expense
    because of your failure to provide us with clear access, mains electricity and water, we may charge you a
    reasonable additional sum in respect of such additional work and/or expense.
  • In addition to your other legal rights, we guarantee our workmanship against defects for a period of ninety days
    and guarantee any goods and materials supplied by us against defects in design materials and workmanship for a
    period of twelve months. If any payment due from you to us has not been paid, we may refuse to carry out any
    guarantee work until the outstanding amount is paid.
  • Our guarantee will not apply to goods and materials where faults are caused wholly or in part by your (or any
    other persons) misuse or neglect of those goods and materials or because of fair wear and tear or by any other
    reason beyond our control. Our guarantee will not apply to our workmanship or goods and materials supplied by
    us where after inspecting the site or the equipment on which you have asked us to work and after considering he
    work you have asked us to do, we consider that we are unable to offer our guarantee in which case we shall
    inform you of our decision and indicate overleaf that our guarantee does not apply.
  • Neither we nor you shall be liable for any breach of our respective obligations under the agreement between us
    where either of us is unable to perform those obligations because of a reason beyond our control.
  • You will be liable for any losses or damages (including damage to our equipment) which we suffer because of
    either your negligence or your failure to observe any of your obligations under the agreement between us.
  • Security required for cash sales (option of credit card or 50% deposit)
  • Please allow 10 working days prior notice for works to allow for procurement of materials and scheduling of
  • All prices quoted for working during normal working hours – 08:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, unless otherwise
  • The customer is to advise the contractor of the presence of any high-water tables in the work area where
    excavations are to be carried out.
  • All prices exclude rock breaking unless otherwise stated.
  • All prices exclude over pumping of live drains and sewers unless otherwise stated.


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